Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day (Day 180 KEDfaY)

I recently went through a journal I was keeping last year. I was going through a bout of depression and was trying to write through it and turns out that writing everyday about how much your life sucks doesn't really help you get out of the depression fog. Oh well, you live and learn.

But, aside from a bunch of pages with bad doodles and ramblings about how much I was depressed all the time, I found my new years resolutions for 2013.
  • Drink a glass of water every morning
  • Exercise more even if it's just a few pushups while something is cooking
  • Read more. Try to average a book a week
  • Knit more, especially for charity
  • Be on the computer less
  • Write more
Underneath that list, three months later was the next, very short entry.

"Welp failed at that..."

I didn't really though. I do drink a glass of water every morning, one of the few habits that I've actually stuck with and have kept doing all year. And for those loyal readers of my blog, I think we can all agree that I have knit more and while I haven't necessarily knit more for charity, I have knit a lot more for other people which is something that I didn't really do before. This past Christmas is the first in a VERY long time where I have actually had a present for everyone. I even had two for my mom. And while exercising at large didn't happen, I do try to get a few pushups in when waiting on the microwave or do a plank for a minute or so every few days. 

But reading more hasn't happened. I was on pace for a while but then I got distracted by the internet and decided that I would rather play Candy Crush than try to muddle through a book. I did read two chapters of Game of Thrones last night and I didn't even fall asleep. I'm pretty happy with that. And yesterday morning I started to work out again. I've started one of the many iterations of the "Couch to 5K" program in hopes that I will actually stick with it. I've run two days in a row now which might be a record for me. I've found that I don't have a reason to work out since I don't want to lose weight and just going and elipticalling away for 45 minutes or so isn't really that exciting. But if I have a goal then maybe, just maybe, I will stick with it. I've stuck with this goofy blog since I have a goal for it. So I guess my key to success is just having a goal and then trying to reach for it, something that I'm sure much of the population has already discovered but I've never been that quick to get things.

So here it goes, yet another year of resolutions that I might give up after a while:
  • Continue drinking a glass of water every morning
  • Knit more, especially for others
  • Read more
  • Write more
  • Exercise more and follow through with the Couch to 5K program
  • Be on the computer less
  • Be less of an all around lazy bum
William "Buddy" Spoons Greyson Esq. 

We also adopted a new cat. A lovely lady in my knitting group helps run a cat rescue and when the Boyfriend and I decided that we wanted a second cat to keep our current cat, Pebble, occupied, she mentioned that she had just found an abandoned cat that would be perfect. And so far he's been fantastic. He's already 10x cuddlier than Pebble and nicer too. Now let's just hope that him and Pebble will get along. Time will tell on that one though. Pebble is....prickly so it could be a challenge. 

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