Monday, January 27, 2014

Losing (Day 206 KEDfaY)

A friend of mine died today.

That isn't entirely true. He died in October but I only found out today. From Facebook.

You could say that we weren't entirely close since I didn't find out sooner. You'd be right. I would still call him my friend though.

He was one of the awesome people in my creative non-fiction classes. There weren't a lot of us but we became really close. We shared stories of dying pets and what the manners were about returning a plate that once had cookies on it. I remember him talking about a girl he had a crush on when he was a kid and the funny drawings he did to accompany them.

That whole class got really close. I am still friends with a few people in that class and would run to them if I ever needed advice about an essay I'm writing. They're some of the most creative, funny, sincere people I've ever met.

Thomas included.

It hard to lose a friend, someone you think you're close to. It's even harder when you realize you weren't that close at all.


Finally finished that washcloth.

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