Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rut rut rut (Day 198 KEDfaY)

Still rutting around. Rut rut rut.

My posts have been short lately mostly because I want to get something done and up quickly before I go to bed since the posts recently have been put up about 5 minutes before I hop under the sheets and off to Sleepy Time Fun Land.

Friday I finished a blanket that I've been working on for quite some time! I've been knitting on it for over a year. It's actually one of the first things I blogged about! That's how old that blanket is! And surprisingly, it's not the oldest scrap blanket I have in my WIP pile. I have some that are older than my relationship with the Boyfriend.

Yesterday was a lazy day filled with dicking around, doing nothing and lounging on the couch watching TV with the Boyfriend. He's been gone for business for the past two weeks so it was nice just to do normal couple-y things like watch Mythbusters and cleaning off the DVR. I picked up the washcloth yesterday long enough to do two rows and move it off of the couch so lounging could reach maximum capacity.

Today though. Today was a deadline day for HPKCHC. One of the quidditch events required us to knit or crochet something really fast so I busted out that hat and even though it's too big and I needed to make that lovely/tacky flower for it, I still got it done. The hat will go to the Boyfriend when he goes out of town on business again in the future since winter in other parts of the country are actually cold. I have to reknit it but it's something he actually requested so I figured I should oblige. So I actually have something I need to get done on a somewhat deadline which is kinda nice. I have other projects I should probably work on as well, but scrap blankets are just much more entertaining. (Don't ask me how many scrap projects I have started or how many bags of scraps for future projects I have. Let's just say "A LOT.")

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