Thursday, January 9, 2014

What am I thinking? (Day 188 KEDfaY)

So I started a new scrap blanket today. And it's not even knitting. It's all crochet. I know. What am I thinking?

I was thinking that there were a couple of really pretty blankets that people are doing and I wanted to join the fun. A square every day. That's the plan. One square, every day for a year will give me a queen/king sized blanket which will be perfect for the Boyfriend and I.

As for knitting today, I just knit for the first time today about five minutes ago. I casted on and knit the first row of my second commission stocking. I probably would've knit more but I have a lot of graphing and sketching I need to do first and I just haven't felt like it. I definitely need to get a move on it though because I promised it for the end of January but the customer said she didn't care when it got done. I need to stick to my own deadlines though.

I didn't run today. I should've but I just didn't feel like it so I went to the gym and lifted some weights. My goal is to not get gross granny arm flab even though I'm starting to. I'm too young to have grandma arms so I did lots of dumbbell exercises in my attempt to stop that process. I almost didn't work out at all but I made myself because I need to not be a lazy bum, dammit. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

But for now, I'm going to be a lazy bum. At least until tomorrow morning when I go and run again.

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