Monday, December 16, 2013

Gettin' there (Day 164 KEDfaY)

Another present done! WHOO!

If I still lived in Indiana or lived somewhere colder, I would definitely keep that hat. I'm very happy with it and I think the person getting it will like it too.

I refelted my mom's slippers again today. They are MUCH better than they were. Now they just need assembled! I might get that done tomorrow. I haven't decided. 

I also worked on Supa Sekrit Project #2 more. I really just need to get the damn thing done but I'm sick of it at this point and don't want to work on it which is not something I need to do since it needs to be done by the time I get on the plane on Saturday. 

I also started another present today. I guess it will be Supa Sekrit Project #3 since I don't know if the person getting the present follows this blog or not. It's a simple knit project because I started it late but I'm sure it will still be appreciated. I have to resist working on that because I REALLY need to work on my brother's project first. I'm JUST SO DONE WITH IT even though I'm really not. Ugh. 

I guess I better go knit on it though...bah. 

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