Sunday, December 22, 2013

Home, sweet home (Days 169 and 170 KEDfaY)

I knit yesterday. I swear. Through all of the stress that I went through, getting to an airport at 4:45 am, being on two different planes and crying in no less than three airports and on two planes, all on top of only getting 3.5 hours of sleep. And I knit.

I worked on Supa Sekrit Project #2. I should've worked on one of the other project that I need to knit on the plane but I was too anxious to even attempt it. Have I mentioned that I hate flying because I really really do.

Today was a great day of just sitting and hanging out with my mom, making cookies and generally getting ready for Christmas. Dinner was with the Boyfriend's mom and step-dad and now we're just watching a movie.

Sometimes the simple things are the best things to remind us why we love our family and why we miss them. And boy did I miss my family.

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