Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Exciting (Day 285 KEDfaY)

Today was an exciting day for me. I had a job interview. For those keeping count at home, this is only my second job interview since moving to Florida so it was very exciting. And then I had the interview and it went REALLY well. I should know by Friday whether or not I got the job but I hope I do. It would be so amazing in so many different ways if I got this job. But right now, I just need to wait and see.

Today I finished the baby blanket. It should've gone out in the mail already but with the Boyfriend being sick, me doing a test knit and then me getting sick, it took a back seat. It's done now though and just needs to be mailed out. I am now waiting to hear back about some questions I had about the test knit I'm working on. I also have catch up to play for both my mystery washcloth and my square a day blanket. I'm 5-6 days behind on those right now. Between the Boyfriend and I getting sick, my schedule is all sorts of messed up.

But hopefully everything will work out. Hopefully I will get this job. It's not glamorous but it's a job and I definitely need something right now.

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