Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sick (Day 277 KEDfaY)

The Boyfriend woke up this morning and was being slower than normal getting ready. He sat down at the end of the bed to put his shoes on and said that he didn't feel well.

Now, I don't feel well regularly. It might be because I'm really in tune with my body or I eat stuff I shouldn't or I'm just special. It's not uncommon for me to not feel great or have a headache or something.

The Boyfriend on the other hand rarely doesn't feel well so when he announced this morning that he didn't feel great and that he might come home early, I was surprised.

I had lunch plans today with one of my new knitter friends. Me, her and her husband went to a great local restaurant and had delicious lunch and did tequila flights. I learned all about tequila and mezcal today and it was an enjoyable outing all round. And then I came home and found the Boyfriend's car in the parking lot.

I've never thought I'd be a good mom. There are some people who you just know they'll be great parents but I never thought that way. What little maternal instincts I have though, kick into overdrive when the Boyfriend is sick. So I've been playing nurse all evening. Luckily there is a lot of downtime so I got caught up on my shows from last night and worked on my daily projects and have done a few rows of the test knit.

Now my only mission is to not get sick as well.

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