Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Day (Day 292 KEDfaY)

Today was my first day of work and I survived and they didn't fire me so it might just all work out!

And the coordinator for scheduling classes was very excited to learn that I knit and want to teach! Yay!

As for knitting goes, I got a lot of progress done on my Hush Hush. I am about 5 yards from finishing the second ball of yarn which means I need to go wind the third one. I'm guess right now I'll use 5 balls of yarn which means I'll have an extra to do with as I please. Maybe washcloths since it is cotton, or a granny square. Hmm. But first I need to finish it so I can see how much, if any, yarn I'll have left over. But I enjoy counting my chickens before they hatch, you just have to be careful when you get a duck instead.

(No picture today because I forgot and it'll be a boring picture with little to no visible progress.)

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  1. Congratulations on your first day and not getting fired! Coincidence I just wrote a post on how to survive your first year at work if you'd like to check it out ..