Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How rude (Day 278 KEDfaY)

The Boyfriend is still sick. This is an extremely rare occurrence. Usually when he's sick, he just sleeps for 16 hours and then is fine. But this time he's been sleeping and still doesn't feel well. I all but spray him down with Lysol before touching anything he has touched. I would like to not get sick. Not being sick is fun.

We went grocery shopping today because while Boyfriend is sick, we were super low on food. And "we" went because I still can't drive his manual car even though I'm slowly learning. So I went about my grocery shopping while he sat in the car. Shopping was completely normal until I went to put my final items on the conveyer belt and the man behind me, who smelled of cheap, stale beer, started putting his on there too. I honestly didn't care. I was more concerned about letting the cashier know I had two 10 packs of Gatorade in my cart. I go to put a stray can of chili on the belt and the cheap beer man apologizes. I returned with my go-to phrase when someone apologizes, "You're fine."

"And you're pretty cute yourself," washed over me in a wave of stale beer and cheap pickup lines. Frazzled and confused, I just awkwardly smiled and ignored him for the rest of my transaction and rushed out to the car.

The Boyfriend noticed something was wrong when I got in and looked noticeably rattled.

I don't rattle easily. I have been hit on by so many guys who are old enough to be my father that I am used to it. Or so I thought. Hours later, I still keep thinking about that creepy guy and how he was either trying to hit on me or was trying to compliment me and failed. Either way, I do not approve of what happened.

In knitting, I've only gotten the mystery rows for today done. Been busy walking back and forth across the apartment to check on the Boyfriend. Tomorrow I hope to get the first part of the test knit done. Gotta look through my yarn stash though and see what I can come up with that will work.

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