Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I got betta (Day 298 KEDfaY)

I threw up yesterday. I wasn't planning on it mind you but my dinner decided it was going to revisit me and it did and it was gross. That kinda put me in a gross mood for the rest of the day so I spent it on the couch sleeping and watching Harry Potter. I did a quick row of my mystery washcloth just so I could get some knitting in. I'm overall feeling fine except for these mystery hives on my arm. I have an idea of what might've caused them but no idea why they're still here. FUN TIMES!

Today has gone much better. I've gotten some chores done that needed to be done. I've also gotten a lot accomplished on that test knit I was talking about. It's going super well this time around with the latest version of the pattern and I don't want to jinx anything, but I think I might be able to finish it tomorrow. Above is my travel project right now. It's a sock pattern of my own design. It's one that every time I pull it out, I swear it's too big but as soon as I try it on, it fits just fine. I don't get it but whatever. It's a sock. It's a travel project. I got a lot of it done while volunteering this past weekend at the local historic home tour. The house that I got to help at was absolutely gorgeous and has my dream bedroom in it. Now to just get a house so I can replicate this.

I also worked on the sock a bit at the sheep fest I went to this weekend. It was smaller and was mostly for showing meat sheep and selling them but it was still interesting to learn about different sheep breeds outside of fiber sheep and watch them be sheared. I was of course reminded of Eddie Izzard while the sheep got their hair cut, a bit that I of course can't find right now on the internet but it is funny.

I did get some fiber while I was at the sheep fest because where there's sheep, there is fiber. I'm very excited to spin it but it's going to be a little while. I have other things in my spin-queue right now. 

But first to finish this test knit! 

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