Monday, October 28, 2013

Phantom-y (Day 116 KEDfaY)

Whoo! Something else to mark off of my to-do list! It didn't get mailed today. Why, you ask? Because I didn't want to walk to the post office. 

So my kinda being sick has been a really nasty rash all over my face. It's super unattractive, let me tell you. I suspect it's a bacterial infection because I've also been more tired than normal and I've had a feeling of just being sick without any symptoms aside from the rash that is threatening to take over my face. So, going out in public is not really a top priority of mine. I can deal with being stared at when I dress funny or when I'm making an ass of myself but being stared at for something I can't control like a seemingly incurable rash on my face would probably make me cry.

Last night, while getting ready for bed, I noticed, that, after a week and a half of various treatments, it hadn't gotten any better and in some places actually looked worse so I resigned myself to the fact that I have to go do the doctor to get this fixed. I have tried every home remedy and basic first aid recommendation I've found online and nothing has helped and some have made it worse. I didn't really want to go to the doctor because it's a hassle because I don't have a car but at this point, I need to. Add to the situation the fact that there is flesh eating bacteria 'round these parts, and I decided that I definitely need to go. Nothing looks like it's necrotizing at this point but one can't be too safe. Thanks, Florida

I scheduled my appointment for Wednesday and I'll mail out my commission then. Until then I have Supa Sekrit Project #1 to finish, my sweater to finish, and three more washcloths for HPKCHC to finish. All due at various points in the next few weeks. I'm sure some of those things would be done if it weren't for the disgusting rash on  my face. Once it starts healing, I'll probably post a picture but right now just imagine the Phantom of the Opera minus the singing and kidnapping of random teenage girls. 

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