Friday, October 11, 2013

I just...whut? (Day 99 KEDfay)

Walked by the bathroom to find this. I don't understand her. 

I finished my washcloth today and I'd show it except it's boring and a picture of a cat looking guilty for drinking out of the toilet is infinitely more entertaining.

I also knit some on my owl sweater. It's coming along nicely even though I only knit 5 rows, I think.

I plied my yarn. I attempted a 4 ply with two 2 plied yarns and it turned into a failed 4 ply. I don't care, it's gonna become a hat I think and an adorable one at that. 

Also was told that a job that I was perfect for and recommended to apply to was already filled so that was awesome. 

I had something insightful to say earlier today but the more I thought about it the more I realized I would probably just piss people off if I wrote it and I'm just not in that kind of mood right now. Maybe later when I care less about people. 

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