Monday, October 14, 2013

Productivity (Day 102 KEDfaY)

Pretty picture of the yarn I spun instead of what I worked on today because all I worked on was the Supa Sekrit Project. 
I spent most of my day today knitting on the supa sekrit project. Right now I'm where I was before I had to rip back and I am SO MUCH happier with how it's turning out even though it's going to make finishing a pain in the ass. I'm almost at the halfway point timewise for what I guesstimated on this project and I'm not even halfway done SO THAT'S ENCOURAGING.

But I've had some good news today. Not a lot but a little and you know what, it made me smile like a lunatic for about two hours. More information once I get it. I also did some writing today, outside of the blog. Once it's finished I'm going to submit it to all of the places I can in hopes that SOMEONE will publish it. I submitted another piece to a publication. It's already been rejected once from another publication but I really like it and I have faith in it. It just has to find it's audience.

You know what must be boring? Reading about writing about writing. It's pretty boring for me but that's all I have going on right now that I can share and so I thought I should share what I can. I also did laundry today but that was much less exciting and no where near as productive.  

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