Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To Do List (Day 96 KEDfaY)

Sent out my resume today and had it sent to more important people. I am hoping that something comes from this. I really am. I'm getting sick of not being able to buy things for myself or simply having to go without. 

But enough whining (it wasn't a lot of whining but if I didn't stop there I knew I would keep going and I don't want to whine right now). I started a new project because the sweater I'm knitting and the supa sekrit project aren't time consuming enough right now (they surprisingly aren't. I'm ahead of schedule on both of them right now which makes me happy). It is going to be a Christmas gift for someone though so it's still being productive. I have a few more to make but they're mostly hats and those are simple and quick. This should be too, though. It's a cowl thingy. I think the person it's going to will like it. I hope so at least. We'll see! 

In the time being though I have a sweater, the supa sekrit project, numerous hats (4 more I think? Maybe 5?), a few more washcloths, something for my brother (I have no idea what yet), and something for my stepmom and possibly a pair of socks. Who knows what I'm going to get for my step mom though. I'm glad that I started early on Christmas gifts though. I feel less panicky about it than normal since I already have three done. Maybe I'll start another one tomorrow for knit group. Hmm...

I feel better about Christmas this year though than last year. Last year I didn't have a gift for anyone really because I was so broke and so busy that I couldn't make anything. This year though all I have is time and since my stash recently got enhanced a bit, I am not afraid of possibly running out of yarn and not being able to make anything for anyone. I do have to figure out what to do for the Boyfriend though. And for his birthday which is a month away. He might get a hug and a kiss and a winning smile from me. 

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