Sunday, October 13, 2013

Random Project Update! (Day 101 KEDfay)

I think I fixed my problem.

The one I had with my spinning the other day. Did I talk about it? I was trying to make a 4 ply yarn from two 2 plied yarns and it turned into a hot mess. So I untwisted it, respun the two separate yarns to overtwist the crap out of it then respun it. And you know what? There are some parts that aren't terrible! I'd say half of it is actually nice and turned out how I wanted it to! It's hanging to dry in the bathroom now and I hope to get pictures up tomorrow. I got just about 100 yards of a 4 ply yarn. I'm pretty happy with it. I have no idea what the fiber is. It was some of a destash from someone. It's purple and blue and white and I think there is actual dryer lint in it along with just some fiberfill but I really enjoy how it turned out and I hope there's enough to make the hat I want to make. We shall see.

And as for my sweater, the owl one, it's going great. I just attached the wee sleeve-y bits. I don't know how much yarn I'll have for the sleeves so I just did a provisional cast on and knit three rows then attached those three row bits. Once I'm done with the body of the sweater, I'll go back and knit the rest of the sleeves. I'd like 3/4 sleeves at least but I'll settle for shorter. I have almost an entire skein left for the sleeves so I *think* I'll be fine but I'm nervous about it since I can't go get more of it. 

As for the supa sekrit project, I haven't worked on it at all today. I know what I need to do next, I just don't want to because it's frustrating and it takes more brainpower than my owl sweater. My owl sweater only makes me stop and count once every other row and most of the time I don't need to unless I've really messed something up. It seems that I might actually be getting better at this whole counting thing. I hope to get to the next milestone for the supa sekrit project by the end of the week. I could probably hit it tomorrow but that's if EVERYTHING goes right which it probably won't. This project has been challenging to say the least but I've enjoyed (almost) all of it. 

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