Monday, October 21, 2013

Deadlines (Day 109 KEDfaY)

If she fits, she sits even if there is a bigger box that she fits in better just over there. 
Today, the yarn I ordered for a hat that I'm making for a commission FINALLY arrived. I ordered it last Monday and it just got here today. I guess I'm spoiled to really fast shipping but seriously. I hope to get that done and mailed out by this weekend but I have a few other deadlines I have to deal with first. The halfway point on SSP#1 is due on the 31st to get points for HPKCHC. The test knit I'm doing for Lee Meredith is due Saturday. My sweater needs to be done by the 1st ish so I can submit it for a local fair. I don't expect it to win but it would be nice to have a hand knit of mine recognized for its awesomeness. Supa sekrit project #1 is going much better now. A technique that Lee Meredith explains in the pattern I'm test knitting is actually coming in SUPER handy for SSP#1. I am very thankful for that. SSP#1 is also looking better and I think/hope I won't have to rip back again. *fingers crossed*

The good thing is that it's going pretty quickly. The bad thing is there's still a lot to go to meet the halfway point. 

The hat that I was commissioned for though should be quick, only a couple of hours. It's a simple hat but a darn cunning one, nonetheless. Now to just figure out how to get everything done on time! 

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