Saturday, October 5, 2013

Money money money....Moneyyy (Day 93 KEDfaY)

She got a new box. She is happy because it didn't instantly rip as soon as she sat in it.
Lots of knitting on the supa sekrit project today. I'm now only mildly anxious about the tiny possibility of running out of yarn but I think everything is going to be okay with it. 

If you are a regular reader (hi all four of you!) you might've noticed that there are now ads on my blog. The reason why I did this was because you might've noticed that I am still without a job (hence the reason why I can take so many pictures of the cat. Seriously, I've got tons of them on my phone right now. I've got enough that a crazy cat lady would say I have a problem). I know that I'm not going to make enough to pay a student loan payment with the money I make from ads but it will be more than I'm making now even if that isn't saying much. So, please bear with me. If you spy an ad that is offensive to you in some way, please screencap it and email me. It takes a lot to offend me but when I'm visiting blogs or webcomics, the last thing I want is an ad shouting at me about how I needs ta go ta church or what have you. I want my blog to be entertaining. (You might notice I try really hard at that.)

Also if you are wanting to advertise on my blog, because, you know, you might someday, email me and we'll try to get it figured out! My email address is over there -> somewhere. You're smart people, I'm sure you'll find it. 

Maybe one day someone will want to pay me more than just partials of pennies per click through for my random babbles. 

Hey, I can dream. 

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